Gold Fields Australia

Gold Fields Australia

St Ives – Invincible


General Tasks

  • Underground geotechnical support
  • Technical expertise in pastefill plant construction
  • Backfill management plans
  • Paste additive optimisation
  • Open pit geotechnical support
  • Sill pillar extraction strategy

Provide operational geotechnical support and mentoring to the site geotechnical team. Undertake daily geotechnical requirements along with geotechnical data collection, mining strategy, squeezing ground conditions.

Provide technical support for the design, construction and commissioning of the temporary paste fill plant with third party contractors so underground voids can be filled appropriately. Conducted large scale testing program for paste mix design using hypersaline water (350,000 TDS), successfully achieving strength and cure targets, reticulation flow modelling and create Paste Fill Management Plan.